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Break free from the pain of chronic pancreatitis.

Kyslecel (autologous pancreatic islets) after pancreatectomy is transforming the lives of patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis.

For many patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis, pancreatectomy (removal of the pancreas) with islet auto-transplantation (TP-IAT) can provide significant pain relief with long-term glycemic control.

Kyslecel is made from your own pancreatic islets – the cells that produce insulin in your pancreas. Your surgeon removes the diseased pancreas (source of pain and inflammation), sends it to Koligo, and we preserve your islets to make Kyslecel. Kyslecel is then infused into your liver where the islets are expected to function and produce the insulin needed to regulate your blood sugar. TP-IAT with Kyslecel is available for children and adults in the United States. It is covered by all major commercial health insurers, many state Medicaid carriers, and Veteran’s Affairs.

Most patients with chronic pancreatitis (nearly 80%) will eventually develop diabetes as the disease progresses and the pancreas degenerates. TP-IAT with Kyslecel may be considered earlier in the course of the disease to preserve islet function before becoming diabetic.

Not every patient who undergoes TP-IAT with Kyslecel will achieve blood sugar control and some patients may require life-long insulin therapy. All patients will require life-long enzyme replacement therapy. TP-IAT is a major surgery and carries significant risks. You should speak to your doctor about the potential benefits and risks associated with TP-IAT and Kyslecel.



Pancreas resected from the patient.



Koligo’s team isolates the pancreatic islets in its facility.



Your islets are formulated as Kyslecel in an IV bag for intraportal infusion and shipped back to your hospital.



Kyslecel containing your islets is infused into your liver.


Koligo personalized cell therapy for chronic pancreatitis. Because pain should not define your life.