Transformational cell therapies for patients with serious diseases.

Koligo is dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from serious diseases.

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3D-V Technology

Koligo’s 3D-V bioprinting technology is designed to support the development of a number of product candidates for the treatment of diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, heart and cardiovascular disease, and other serious diseases.  The 3D-V technology platform is able to print three-dimensional cell and tissue constructs with a vascular network.  Key benefits of the 3D-V approach include faster revascularization/inosculation of cell/tissue transplant to improve engraftment; host tolerance of the graft while minimizing the need for immune-suppressive drugs; better site of transplant administration of such products; and scaffolding to keep cell/tissue in place in vivo.  These solutions are ideally suited for islet transplant and other cell/tissue transplant applications.

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Koligo personalized cell therapy for chronic pancreatitis. Because pain should not define your life.